Garage missed by BIG branch Vermont was hit by this storm for two days. Our property was mostly undamaged.

The garage just missed being crushed by this 15" diameter branch. A neighbor came over with a chainsaw to clear the doorway in case we needed the car for an emergency--relieving our feelings of helplessness considerably.

For Quebec, the storm had been underway for several days already. We heard of power outages from our translator subcontractors but failed to consider that a similar travail might befall us.

A lesson to be learned from any catastrophe is that a "someone else" exists in a situation worse than yours. For example, in Alburg Springs we were fortunate to get a National Guard generator connected to the water system early on. However, many homes are on wells that use electric pumps. Now, I can live in my home without electricity for quite some time, but water is essential to life (we've gone as long as a week without water service, so we know the hardship). The Romans exercised great thoughtfulness in building their famous aqueducts.
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