Grand Isle County, where we live, was declared a Federal disaster area somewhere near the end of the first day. We feel fortunate that Friday night (the end of day 2) offered up somewhat warmer temperatures and caused much of the ice to drop off the trees. Many branches returned to normal by morning. Nonetheless, most deciduous trees were stripped of smaller branches as well as larger limbs. We lost power for 8 days (Jan 8 to Jan 16), though phone service came back a few days earlier (after this fallen pole down at the four corners was  replaced).

Pole down at the four corners

Alburg Fire Dept Gets Unstuck After Helping a Neighbor

The Alburg Volunteer Fire Department put their collective shoulder to the wheel soon after the rain stopped. The AVFD came by to pump out a neighbor's basement. As they maneuvered to get closer they drove over a snow-covered stump and couldn't go anywhere. A National Guard tow truck and this backhoe finally applied sufficient vector pressures to move the truck over the bank. A few days later that truck helped control two different structure fires requiring mutual aid. It was a busy time for these guys, and they dug deep to keep going in the face of little sleep.

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