Ice coated weed tree
Ron was out of the house by 5:30 every morning (believe it or not, Mom!) helping prepare breakfast for National Guard troops at the American Legion--a good way to help out a good crew. We also went to "help" make dinner and clean up the last few days, as coping with the stress was beginning to get difficult. The cold began to seep in especially on those zero degree nights. The snow storm on Friday a week after the ice storm didn't help matters, but the sun soon emerged and life began to look better. Even in the midst of the worst of it, beauty persisted. By the way, the ice on this stem is two inches thick. We feel fortunate to have come through the experience relatively unscathed. Come springtime we'll have a disaster clean-up party complete with one VERY BIG bonfire -- the garden will love the potash!
As with all disasters the good human element mixed with the bad (in fact, NY prosecuted a number of cases, including a local hardware store, for price gouging on generators). I was pretty well impressed with how our particular little community rallied. Many people went many hours with very little sleep to keep things moving along.
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