We actually lost very little property with the exception that most of our trees are now reduced to standing cordwood. I estimate about two cords are already on the ground, including limbs up to 14" diameter. Carol's flower garden is buried under a foot thick limb and the raspberry patch was divided by another. We had to replace the furnace burner motor (I had just replaced it two months ago!) and I'm having ongoing problems with the sump pump. I've borrowed one for now as mine seems to have a recurring, intermittent short. It'll all sugar out before too long (in fact, as I complete this tale, the basement is dry).

It was quite stressful for both of us but especially Carol. She hadn't worked more than three days between 12/23 to 1/19; first because business slows down considerably over the holidays and she badly needed the break anyway, and then because the ice storm happened the first week back to the grind.

We had temporary offices set up, but she still wasn't able to get much done. So it goes. It's funny in a way--when the storm started, she said "I hope the power's off for a couple of days; I need more of a break." My little prophetess of doom!
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