Domville O'Donoughue Translations

Carol O'Donoughue
Carol O'Donoughue

Domville O'Donoughue, a freelance translation company, began in 1979 when Carol O'Donoughue and Margah Domville, both recent graduates of the Université de Montréal School of Translation, took over the task of serving the clients of a failing business. Armed with crisp new diplomas and the idealism of youth, Carol and Margah set out to build a true service business.

Well, they succeeded.

And Domville O'Donoughue has gone on to establish a reputation for delivering high-quality French to English (and vice versa) translations even when faced with impossible deadlines, all for reasonable cost. Based in Montreal, their client list encompasses a broad spectrum of  business types in Canada and the United States, ranging from small local companies to multinational corporations.

Although Margah left the company in 1996 (relocating to Calgary), Carol continues to grow the company to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality translation services. Using a network of subcontractors (including Margah!), Domville O'Donoughue has the ability to meet the requirements of virtually any job.