Our family and friends are affiliates in many ways – as partners in work projects, as coaches and supporters, as interesting people in their own right. The links below connect to their web sites where you can explore their business offerings.

Salvatori Consultants provide networking, programming, Internet, and e-commerce applications. They can get your small to medium size business up and running with shopping cart installation, online surveys, Java rollovers, and CGI scripting as well as design, programming, and implementation of database systems using Filemaker, Access, Oracle and MySQL. They are experienced with setting up local area and wide area networks using Novell, Windows NT, and UNIX; designing Internet web pages that accept credit cards for e-commerce using Javascript, SSL, Moneris plug-ins, and others; and all C, Visual Basic, and Java projects. They are committed to delivering projects on-time and within budget.
Domville O'Donoughue has provided high-quality French to English (and vice versa) translation services since 1979. Their client list includes businesses of all sizes, from one-person shops to multinational corporations, in Canada and the United States. The company has an incredible breadth of experience across many industries: Agribusiness; Associations; Communications; Computers; Entertainment; Financial & Banking; Government; Health, Medical, & Pharmaceutical; Hospitality; Legal & Professional; Manufacturing & Mining; Marketing & Public Relations; Media; and School boards.
O’Donoughue & Associates are specialists in exhibit management and handle everything from planning and marketing exhibits to logistics and onsite floor management...all at very competitive prices. Services include: planning  and consulting; congress secretariat; program development; marketing strategy, telemarketing; logistics, move-in and move-out schedules, liaison with suppliers;  desktop publishing of brochures, exhibitors, manuals; computerized registration, badges; on-site management; overall project management. Languages: French, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian.
Ram Design uses FileMaker Pro® to provide database development, training and support services for a variety of business and educational organizations. Since 1989, we have honed our FileMaker skills and knowledge. We make excellent custom database systems and offer two ready-to-go database solutions: Sales Inventory and Rental, both of which can be customized to your specific needs.

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