The articles in this section provide examples of Ronís writing style. All articles are copyrighted to Ron Haskell and may be reproduced only with written permission from the author.

Inter-agency p&p discusses the results of a national key respondent Ron conducted in 1984 for the State Mental Health Representatives for Children and Youth. The survey assessed the  condition of interagency policies and practices affecting children throughout the 50 states and four territories. (©Ron Haskell 1984)

The Section 502 article offered testimony on behalf of the Alburg Springs Water Co. during a particular permitting phase of the Missisquoi Bay Bridge project. (©Ron Haskell 1999)

The Vacation Guide article appeared in the 2004 edition of the Islands Vacation Guide. The article presented Ronís concerns regarding people who were interfering with turtle habitat. (©Ron Haskell 2004)

The IJC article was Ronís written testimony to the International Joint Commission, which was resolving a dispute regarding the Missisquoi Bay causeway. (©Ron Haskell 2004)

The Ice Storm 1998 article recounts our experience with the disastrous ice storm that devastated much of the northeast U. S. and southern Quebec that year. The article includes pictures. (©Ron Haskell 1998)

Feel free to contact Ron to discuss any of the content in these articles.

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