Ron Haskell and Carol O’Donoughue were married in 1990 after a two-year courtship. Undoubtedly, like many couples, they are surprised when they reflect on how long they’ve been together. But parents on both sides set a good example (Dick and Gloria Haskell have surpassed the 60-year mark; Bob and Gwen O’Donoughue, the 50-year). Also undoubtedly like other couples, the years have had their ups and downs, stretching the limits of both “in sickness and in health” and “for better or for worse”. Still, they continue to live out the premise, or is that promise, of their wedding day: to make a difference in the world and other people’s lives.

We invite you to browse this mostly photographic chronicle of their lives. If you’re a more text-oriented kind of person, you can look over Ron’s autobiography and resume or Carol’s business pursuits.

While much of this part of the site is just whimsy, maybe you’ll see something of interest in the Haskell or O’Donoughue family photos, slideshows, or Family Christmas card mini-movie.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to hire Ron to help you chronicle your own family’s journey through this wonderful and amazing world we live in. Feel free to contact him.

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