The Pisces Party has turned into an annual canít miss affair, at least for those of us who donít get out much. In one night, or weekend if visiting from out of town, we get to party hearty with old friends and new. The party is sponsored by a group of friends who share a common characteristic ... their sun sign is Pisces. Of course, other signs are welcome. Donít be mislead by the allusion to astrology, people donít actually talk much about it what with everything else going on.

Great food (all fish-based dishes), fantastic dance music, rousing conversation, hugs and kisses, and a spectacular backyard fireworks display (Thanks, Chip!) ... what a do!

This is the place to check out whether you were at the Pisces Party in 2003, 2004, or 2005 ... just in case you donít remember.

There is also a mini-movie/slideshow of the 2004 party located here

Use the fly out menus to access the photo collections for each year. No doubt there will be more to come in the future.


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